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Home Insurance

Home is where the heart is, and having the right homeowners insurance policy is essential to protecting you, your family, and your life. At Buddy Marshall Insurance, we help homeowners in Mount Pleasant, TX, find the best policies to meet their family’s needs.

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Protecting Your Home & Your Family

Finding the right homeowners insurance policy isn’t easy. Every family and household is different, and if you’re not sure what to look for in a policy, we can assist you.

Our team can help you find standard coverage, including dwelling protection, personal property coverage, liability coverage, and more. Depending on your needs, we can help you find optional coverages, such as enhanced dwelling protection and water backup coverage.

We only work with companies that offer the best and most flexible homeowners insurance policies in the industry. With our understanding of the local real estate market, we can help you find a policy that will protect your investment no matter where you’re located.

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Why Do You Need Homeowners Insurance?

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If something were to happen to your home, would you be able to pay to rebuild it or replace your personal belongings? Homeowners insurance covers reconstruction and damage costs, and it also protects you if somebody gets injured on your property.

Homeowners insurance isn’t required by law, but most mortgage lenders require homeowners to obtain it. We can help new and existing homeowners secure the right policies within their budget.

Do you rent an apartment or home in Mount Pleasant, TX? We can help you secure a renters insurance policy so you can protect your personal belongings.

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